FMT is a netlabel releaselog. The music shared on this scene is free for you to use and share as you like. They may be some restriktions on how you use it, sometimes you can remix music from the original as you like. However sometimes you must ask the creator. Most of the time you must also ask the creator if you are to use the material in any kind of commercial use.

My goal with this blog is to help you find your way through the jungle of music that is out there. Since its free for anyone to share there music in this scene, there is allot of music that you rather you never came across. I want to be that filter for you.  Making shure you find those quality tracks right away.

If you own a label adding your releases to the internet archives might result in your releases being posted here at FMT. If you produce music and want to be part of our new label coming this autumn, please contact us.  If you run a site or have any questions what so ever, Please feel free contact us at mtrlslog@gmail.com