måndag 3 januari 2011

Various Artists - Robot After All Vol. 3

This Mix session is not realy an minimal techno release. However this project took the creator Muziek over 2 years to complete. Such an effort is worth publishing. And bythe way, Daft rocks!

Disc 1:
01. DJ Muziek - Intro (feat. Evil Stereo)
02. Dark DJ - Short Circuit
03. DJ Pixcell - Aerodynamic (Edit)
04. MissingNo – Alive
05. DJ Deem - Revolution 909 (Destruction Mix 2008)
06. Electromatic – Teachers
07. Gorb - Da Slim Funk
08. Joe Mitchell - Short Circuit (Reanimation)
09. DJ Muziek – The Prime Time Of Your Life (System Failure Mix)
10. Aural Smash - Oh Oh Yeah Yeah
11. Dark DJ - Television Rules The Nation
12. Evil Stereo - High Fidelity
13. Louis La Roché – Daftendirekt
14. DJ GODS – Aerodynamite
15. Random K - Around The World
16. Electromatic - Harder Better Faster Stronger (MegaMix)
17. Kirbyop - Oh Yeah (Interlude)
18. DJ Schizo - A Short Voyage

Disc 2:
01. DJ GODS – Aerodynamic
02. Electromatic - Rollin' & Scratchin' / Whoomp There It Is
03. Evil Stereo – Crescendaft
04. DJ Schizo - Oh Yeah (Smashed Edit)
05. DJ Nerd42 – TechnoFaint
06. DJ Muziek - Robot Funk
07. Dark DJ – Assault
08. Night Facilities - The Prime Time Of Your Life
09. Evil Stereo - Oh Yeah
10. Niteshade - A Funky Circuit
11. Electromatic - Jabbawockeez Rock (feat. Kelenbasketball1)
12. DJ Nerd42 - Aero Dynamix
13. MissingNo - Steam Machine
14. Future Proof - Da Funk / So Much Betta
15. DJ Titan - Aerodynamic (Bass Rock Remix)
16. Dark DJ – Daftendirekt
17. Electromatic - Robot After All

The wait is finally over! The trilogy is now complete! After over a two year wait, we are proud to present the final release of Robot After All Vol. 3. If you remember, each volume was mixed in a certain way. Volume 1 was mixed like it was someone listening to the radio. Volume 2 was mixed like it was a day at school. Now for Volume 3, mixed in two whole discs, it gives the impression that you are at a two hour live show of non-stop Daft Punk remixes (mixed by DJ Muziek). Each remix was created by multiple Daft Punk fans that are members on the #1 unofficial fan site called TheDaftClub.com. Don't forget, that this project originally started the label back in April 2008 when if was formally called The Daft Club Records. We hope you enjoy these amazing remixes that will blow your mind.

Get Some! Records
Artist/Composer: Various Artists
Date: 2011-01-02
Keywords: Mix Session, dj set, live show, liveact
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Artwork by: Jo The Marten

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