torsdag 16 december 2010


[SOMO007] B.I.B. - Brain Damage

1 ain Damage (Original Mix)
2 O'Clock (Original Mix)

The debute of Argentinean Techno and Minimal producer Bruno Ivo Vasc Treri, better known in the scene as B.I.B.
In this occasion we go back to the roots of Sound & Motion: A two side release. The A Side is a Dub Techno track titled “Brain Damage”, the reason of the release title. It’s a track with a killer bass, full of effects and percussions, adding also the occasional use of pitched sticks, glitches and dark vocals. Having multiple breakdowns and not giving us a typical structure, this track is perfect for the dance floor and will make everyone to shake their hands in the air and ending with a severe head trauma due to the headbanging.
The B Side shows us the other way of B.I.B., with “O’Clock”. This track leaves behind the Techno feeling to give us a minimalistic song, but always keeping the signature of Bruno’s work. Using bongos and different organic percussions in contrast to dark synths, using sticks, panned hats and a subtle but lovely bassline, this one will definitely make you lose perception of time and enjoy this track as the end of a short but perfect journey through B.I.B.’s mind.

Download B.I.B. - Brain Damage

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