fredag 26 november 2010

51 Beats

51beats "an electronic experience" is a (net)label founded in March 2008 by Robidat, and it is based in Milano, Italy. Thay would like to become a “full” electronic experience by supporting good music without any strict distinction among genres. 51beats wants to push forward the selection of high quality, non-commercial, innovative, and emotional sounds by publishing releases of talented artists and by using the enormous potentiality of the web for promoting their work. 51 support all the different flavours of electronic music, ranging from ambient to techno passing through electrofunk, electroacustic, minimal and idm,…, all published with Creative Commons licences. To promote artists which are far from the standard commercial channels is a major objective for 51beats. thay try to increase the visibility of our artists by promoting and organizing parties and label showcases, always looking for new and exciting collaborations

Download Jam's: "Homeless Soul"

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