måndag 1 mars 2010

rod009 - choenyi - Translucent Pink EP

I’ve been stuck with the flu for a whole week and after listening to this record I might just be sick for another one. In short, the songs seems to be numered by the motto ”save the best for last”. It starts off with a provocatively amateurish sound, followed by an experimental song draining the very less energy left in my body and soul. Only psydo-intellectuals would (lie) saying they enjoy such a dysfunctional song where absolute nothing fits with the other. Auftrag, danke! This is not an increadible talented jazz-musician jaming away, this is just someone haveing fun discovering ableton. Its nice with strange and unexpected elements in a song but there need to be some pieces layed in the puzzle to make any sense. Whatever, the song gave me an headake and thats really just it. I hardly remember song no3 but I know it was better then other the two mentioned above. THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO READ: if you wanna listen to this record go straight to the last track Solstice72 to avoid frustration, nausea and apathy.

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