onsdag 3 februari 2010

krzho - sandbox [c-c-rec mp3 023]

New release out by non other then Krzho - a new artist at clear cuts.
A strictly minimal e.p, the sound that makes our genitals vibrate. This album is pure and sweet, nothing fancy, just minimal techno at its best. Included in this e.p is four tracks "dreamless", "sandbox", "unknown territory", "playing tool". "dreamless" is a beautiful bas driven track. "sandbox" has some nice dub influences but is missing some deep bas - but what it may lacs in bas it makes up for with percussions and nice reverb/delayed hits. "unknown territory" takes you back to that basic minimal stuff, deep bas and bleepy groove, just plain strait - I am loving it! "playing tool" drives to house, and my favourite kind of house - the one where you wonder if the track is skipping =).... muhhaaahaha.

sandbox e.p is a strict minimal album, nothing radical, just plain minimal techno. Everything moves synchronised perfect in its own, if one should complain it might be the lack of experimenting. But this album is rock solid and will be featured in my liveacts to come.

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