lördag 13 februari 2010


The album is well-produced, and consists of three most comfortable songs with a positive mysterious sound. Comfortable almost sounds like nice and the expectation then might be that this album is booring. Thats not the case. Its made by really good musicians and it fits in many situations; in the tub, painting those walls with your love as well as dancing at the club. Or in this case more accurate would be, drinking beer at the bar. The songs never takes off and thats its achillesheel, nothing really happens. There isnt anything that just for a short while surprises me or takes me away from the straight line. So perfect album to put on when something else is in focus. Although heads up for irresistible drop that in the very beginning captures me with its female voice and hectic tictictic and make me wanna chase something fun and interesting. Is that a jungle? Definitly worth Ipod-space.


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amateur sa...

Download link has an extra "http//" in it. Didn't stop me though, although it might stump less tech-savvy users.

Great stuff anyways!

aray sa...
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aray sa...

Thx for the heads up. The issue is now resolved. (did I just soud like a computer!? hehe)