fredag 8 januari 2010

V.A. Astúries [Miga36]

V.A. Astúries [Miga36]
Asturias is one of the smallest territories in Spain, but there is a large and interesting group of producers growing up there. It is not weird to find asturian artists working for wellknown music labels and in the course of time this territory has become into an inexhaustible source of music talents. [Miga36] V.A. "Astúries" is only a small piece of all the work that has been achieving there during the last years in behalf of the electronic music and the audiovisual culture.
A trip across Asturias that begins with Avant Folk, dubstep and IDM, finishing with dancing beats, which we hope that works to help promoting this area and the musicians who work there. The reinforce of the existing links and the creation of new ones that consolidate the audiovisual culture are being one of migas priorities and thay hope to get it with this new series of compilations

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