onsdag 13 januari 2010

minimal techno

Systemton - in the neighbourhood - [inoQuo 051]
I can´t tell you how happy I am to wake up today and find one of my favourite net.label has an new release. And I am happy to tell you that inoQuo is not letting us down! Systemton, two guys from Hessen, Germany, releases two tracks on inoQuo along with two remixes from the best of InoQuo, Sr.click and Hermético. First up is dog eats dog, an breath-taking track with our favoured pounding bas and some spooky pads moving swirling around its base, moving at an 130 bpm perfect for your club sessions. Second out is lawn sprinkler memories. A little slower track at 124 bpm, you might want to use this track as an build up and push the bpm up as an effect. However, I would not do that until last 30 sec before mixdown (as the track is hurting from speeding up over the 127 threshold).

That Hermético takes care of dog eats dog is logical, after all he is the number one kick pusher of InoQuo. Hermético literally (audorally) kicks the track up an notch adding more fx´s to it. He gives a nice reverbed fx that keeps in the background and gives the track more air and move.
Sr.Click.., what can I say!? Ohh my god! Takes in a buildup track and basically shits out the other end of his earlobe an track with a real groove to it. Because of the groove now implemented you can now speed this track up and use it in your sessions, however in higher speeds the track goes back to being an build-up track.

Systemton - in the neighbourhood is a must for all you minimal lovers out there. 5/5 stars

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