måndag 1 februari 2010

minimal techno

Orbits Decaying - Isomer Transition [Arch057]
This next release comes from archipel. Its a little late since the release was January the 5t
h. However late this article, I will use some of its tracks during my Feb mix session and is an release to checkout. Track listing includes the tracks Give Me Your Hand, Hot Salsa, Parametric Pressure, Landing Near The Center, and Searching For Clues. "Hot Salsa" and "Parametric Pressure" brings you your favourite low end frequencies. While "Searching For Clues" gives you that acid crawl witch is why I am not using it, I have never been an fan of acid sounds. But if you are in to that you will most likely find what you want here..
At the moment of writing this article all but the track Searching for Clues are included in my try-outs for my next session. Archipel is an hybrid net.labe since it only releases some of its music for free. Archipel is an steady label to count on and is one of the best out there. Go to there Archipel web page and check them out, it will be worth your time.

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