söndag 31 januari 2010


January liveact
Time for my first monthly mix session. During these session I will try to bring to you the best of minimal techno released under the creative commons licence. This short session is only 45 minutes and most of the track comes from Migas last release "The engine roars". I will provide you with an tracklist and also a download link to the tracks if you would like to get them =).

Mix Sessions by aray
You download the session by pressing the little arrow in the soundcloud embedded player.

01 Leon - Acipenser Sturio
02 Monokao - Destrucción masiva
03 Fanon Flowers - Fall back
04 Plural - Undeterminated site
05 Counterpart - No access
06 Tec_Overflow - What can she do
07 Chance McDermott - Seventy times seven
08 Animatek - Patience
09 Anakord - City lights
10 Intelec - Retorno

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