tisdag 12 januari 2010


Bmind - Uncommon Things EP [Tranz027]
Released under Tranzmitter Netlabel, bmind ep claims to have an minimal techno track in its release, however to my great dissatisfaction there is no such track in here. This release includes the tree files Onomatopeia, Da Horta, Uncommon Things (Acoutisc Bonus Take). Onomatopeia is suppose to be the minimal release, but the people at Tranzmitter clearly have no knowledge of this distinguished sound and I must say that there believe that minimal is just an toss of a fiew sounds together and that you could claim anything to be it makes my discussed. This was my first and last review of this label, after all this is not an minimal techno label.

I really don´t want to mirror any downloading to this file but if you really want it go here

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